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Some guy on instagram that posts a variety of shitty to amazing content. He can also be known as Pat.
I’ve heard of astropixelsx, I wonder what he’s gonna post next!
by Tabi May 19, 2021
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qamri. chand ki manind

ADJECTIVE: 1. Of, involving, caused by, or affecting the moon.
2. Measured by the revolution of the moon.
3. Of or relating to silver.
ETYMOLOGY: Middle English, crescent-shaped, from Old French lunaire, from Latin lnris, of the moon, from lna, moon. See leuk- in Appendix I.
lunar caustic
lunar month
lunar year
lunar excursion module
by Tabi September 25, 2003
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The Dragen is a race, much like were-dragons, who are split into many expansive tribes. Females are usually lithe, willowy and cold, while males are tall, thick with muscle, and equally as cold. They are highly unaccepting of races other than those who incorporate Shamans, Mystics, or any other people with occupations such as that. The defining traits of a Dragen are these: Their wings. Draconic in appearance, they are usually scaly, smooth and metallic in color. The average wingspan for a female is 50 feet, where for males it is 75 feet. Their tails, usually that of a dragon's, are similar in appearance to the tails, and always the same color as the wings. Sometimes, depending on the tribe and the color, there are ridges or spikes protruding from the flesh. Their most profound ability is to be able to turn into a dragon (western style, thank you) of the color shared by the wings and tail. They can produce flame, fly, maul and any number of things. They are a very formidable opponent. Tribe's usually have an overall demenor, which can be described by the person who uses the race in a roleplaying game or a story.
Shayla stood over her mother's body, her eyes glazing with pain as she realized that she was now the last dragen of her tribe. She extended her wings, clenched her fists, and cried out at the sky. She beat her wings furiously, taking flight and changed into her dragon form, ritualistically spouting blue-green flames in tribute to her fallen kin.
by Tabi February 16, 2005
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