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Vox Media "journalist" Carlos Maza recently went on a woke crusade to deplatform comedian Steven Crowder from YouTube.
This in itself failed, but the side effect of this was YouTube updating its policies, which wound up affecting creators across the site. As of now, YouTubers and even journalists are finding their channels demonetized for "offensive content".
This incident is the first example of something louder, dumber, and more devastating than the Streisand Effect - The Maza Effect.
My channel was demonetized due to "offensive content"?
Goddammit, I got hit by the Maza Effect.
by CRASHjester June 5, 2019
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A transgender incel - they believe attraction and interest are owed to them, and guilt people into dating them, or shame them for alternate lifestyles.
"Did this transcel really just shame me for not wanting to date her?"
by CRASHjester September 14, 2020
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Describes a cause-and-effect scenario of reposting media that is deemed offensive by social media platforms, and removed from said platforms, i.e., forbidden fruit content; the more it's censored and taken down, the more people will wish to view it, and the more people will want to upload it for others to consume and redistribute, as described below.

This, in theory, is the basis of Shitposting, and the basis of memery in general.

Derives from when parody rapper Rucka Rucka Ali's fandom, Rucka's Nuckas, began re-uploading his videos to YouTube, after YouTube banned the original postings on his own YouTube channel, such as his music video of his parody of Macklemore's "Thrift Shop", "I'm Osama".
The Rucka Effect is in full swing - a new Nazi Pug video has been banned from YouTube, but it's only made it more popular!
by CRASHjester February 19, 2021
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The Morbius Gaslight is a social media maneuver named after the MCU film "Morbius", in which social media users ironically meme a horrible movie into being re-released in theaters, potentially triggering a significant loss in sales for the company that produced the film, such as when Morbius was re-released in theaters in June 2022.

It's essentially memeing a box office bomb.
If "Black Adam" is mid, we can potentially Morbius Gaslight Warner Bros. into releasing it twice to ruin them economically.

- twitter user @Gozutrucker69
by CRASHjester August 26, 2022
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