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<noun> Another meaning of trombas
Stop playing with your bird! do you wan everyone to call you a Niphrentil?
by Mpampiniotis January 28, 2004
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L33t Hellenic CounterStrike clan, feturing the most impossible combination of extremely intelligent yet twisted men in the greek region, claiming that all its members are gay though that is inaccurate for they use theis virtual gayness to literally PWN every other CS clan.
weapon of choice: G3
Maza RULEZZZZ! Davout gamiesai!
Kai o morgion glyfei poutsous!
by Mpampiniotis January 28, 2004
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Advanced judo throuwing teqnique, literally meaning "The Comma Throw",involving grabbing your opponent, rolling backwards, putting your foot on your opponents stomack and endind in your opponent thrown like 10 feet away with his back on the ground. Very risky and difficult when performed in real life combat, yet extrmely painful and spectacular when pulled off correctly. Also, the area of expertise of Anetilas
Anetilas: "I used tomoe nage on that legless bum who dared to ask me for money and send him to the devils mother!"
by Mpampiniotis January 28, 2004
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