Man-Alien-Predator (pronounced M-A-P or MAP):
Lil Wayne's(Dwayne Carter, Jr.'s) Species.

A Man-Alien-Predator is a creature that is part Human, part Alien, and part Predator (Like off the movie AVP). Lil Wayne is the only certified MAP, he is a special subspecies of it called MAP (Midget-Alien-Predator). Somehow a midget human, an alien, and a predator mixed together. Probably at some Intergalactic Kegger. The Alien and Predator were most likely highly intoxicated on space beer and ran a train on an ugly female human midget, thus resulting in the creature we now call Lil Wayne.

All MAPs are either born with no penis or a micro penis, thus leaving them basically sterile, also with no soul. They dont have any of the powers of Aliens or Predators, the only power they have is brainwashing. This would explain how Lil Wayne looks like he does and cant rap but yet he still has fans. How else could a 5'4'', short, ugly, non-hood, fake thug, wannabe, homo, shadow creature, no-talent, hybrid species, micro-penised midget sell records?
Guy 1: "Man, how does Lil homo ass Wayne still sell records and have fans?"
Guy 2: "Hes an MAP, they have no soul and their only power is brainwashing simple minded people, thus resulting in mindless Wayne fans"
Guy 1: "Oh yeah, and I heard he has a tiny penis, what size is it?"
Guy 2: "Superhead said its the size of a Mini Vienna Sausage....Divided by 100, you need a high powered microscope to witness its sheer smallness....WOW man..."
by MAPExterminator June 17, 2008
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Minimum Advertised Price. An agreement between suppliers and retailers stipulating the lowest price an item is allowed to be advertised at. If you've ever tried to shop around and keep nosing up against the same number, you may have just discovered that good's MAP. This is why sometimes you see signs that say "price too low to advertise!" Or why when shopping online, sometimes the price doesn't show up until further in the transaction process. Retailers can incur sizable fines and/or penalties from their suppliers for violating MAP contracts.
MANUFACTURER : Dude; this website is selling my toys under MAP.
LAWYER : Let's sue!
by Paul "Spock" L February 05, 2009
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BFF (Best Friends Forever) in the Spanish language.

Mejor Amigo Para Siempre.

A term that you use for somebody very close to you. This is somebody that you hope will be in your life forever. You appreciate their friendship a lot.
Person 1: WOW, you're such a good friend, you're my MAPS!

Person 2: *HAND SLAP*
Person 1: *HAND SLAP*
by nsynchottie305 April 20, 2010
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Australian slang for the female pubic region. Abbreviation of "map of Tasmania".
That Heather Graham gets her kit off in Boogie Nights. Nice map.
by Tinnyfrog February 01, 2008
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a code word for the Morning After Pill, used by girls who need to keep last nights antics a secret. Useful if your on the phone to a friend and theres somebody within hearing distance thats not supposed to know what you've been upto. for example, if your having an affair or your parents are around. The word 'map' makes girls feel less slutty than they actually are.
girl 1: so what did you get upto last night...?

girl2: ah nothing much really, can you come with me to buy a map...
by AshleighLovesDavid August 07, 2007
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