MAP is an umbrella term used for people with a chronophilia that involves having a sexual/romantic attraction to minors
kip is a MAP, Kip has a sexual attraction to minors 7 and under
by Kearbrat April 12, 2020
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1) A piece of paper which has directions to your destination

2) Minor Attracted People/Person. A pedophile.
Eg 1) I have a map of Tokyo, so now I can navigate myself in Japan!

Eg) We need to get all MAPs off tumblr, Twitter and Instagram. They’re not LGBTQ+, they’re sick.
by a fallen star xxx June 26, 2020
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A MAP (minor-attracted person) is a pedophile who goes on twitter and rants about why MAPs are valid and should be part of the LGBTQ+, which isn't true.
Person A: "I support MAP rights."
Person B: "Get off this cursed planet you sad excuse for a human being."
by wetdiarrhoeapoop August 11, 2021
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A multiple animator project. In other words, multiple animators come together and do different snipets of animations then combine them together to make sense.
person a: did you seen (person’s) animation?
person b: that was actually a MAP. multiple people animated that
by youraveragekaren October 12, 2019
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Refers to anyone who is old enough to feel sexual attraction that is attracted to underage people, or minors.
Could be a nepiophile, pedophile, hebephile, or ephebophile.
Not always a child molester, and normally not a bad person.
Person A: I'm a MAP.
Person B: Wait, you're one of those weird pedophiles from tunglr dot hell??
A: I'm not a pedophile, I'm attracted to teenagers.
B: That's icky!!!! Stay away from my kids!!!
A: I don't want to be friends anymore...
by Pickles666 February 21, 2018
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Marc-- im coming out as a MAP

Ryan -- no you're a sick twisted Pedophile
by The Ryan Wright August 28, 2020
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