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A loud child that I want to smack in the face. He throws fits over EVERY DAMN THING IN THE WORLD and never gets discipline. His parents just comply. A bad role model for kids. Not the worst show ever but pretty bad (why did I like that show when I was little)
Caillou: mommy can I have candy

Mommy: no caillou

Mommy: okay just one chocolate bar though

And that is what happens in Caillou
by a fallen star xxx June 2, 2020
FGM is an acronym for Female Genital Mutilation, which is a cultural practice originating in Africa, but is also practiced in Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

FGM is the act of cutting/removing part of or all of the clitoris (part of the female genitalia) so the woman has little or no sex drive. This way, she is less likely to have premarital sex or to commit adultery (having an affair while married)
200 million girls have gone through FGM
by a fallen star xxx May 18, 2019
When you like someone more than a friend. Someone you're attracted to, someone whose personality you like a lot. They might like you back, there's always hope :)
It's called a crush because that's how you feel when they don't like you back.
by a fallen star xxx February 27, 2019
A youtube channel that has creepy allegedly true stories. All well written. There is usually about 2-4 stories per video. They're all scary at first. But watch them more often and you'll be addicted. SUBSCRIBE TO HIM
Guy #1: Have you seen Mr. Nightmare?
Guy #2: Yea I watch him all the time. He's great!
Guy #1: He's the best!
by a fallen star xxx March 3, 2019
Slang for the words Crazy, horny, psychotic, etc.
I'm not even kidding! Some Justin Bieber fans dry humped and MADE OUT with the ground he walked on, fed a POSTER of him, HAD SEX with a poster of him, kissed and GAVE HEAD to a cardboard cut out of him, and people even tweeted sexually explicit things to him on twitter, and one fan put a pic of him on a blow-up doll and had sex with it. One girl cut of someone's hair because they called him gay , one girl CARVED HIS NAME in her arm, one fan asked Santa for Justin Bieber's cum for Christmas. Not to mention the retarded "cut for bieber" on social media. Wtf.

That isn't even a exaggeration of a Justin Bieber fan. If you see one on public, make sure you have pepper spray on you, if not, RUN
by a fallen star xxx January 18, 2019
To date, have sex with, or kiss/make out with someone someone else while you are in a relationship. These people who cheat are disrespectful, selfish, fuckboys/sluts, and pretentious.
If you are married, this is sometimes called adultery
E.g. 1) Mike: Hey Dave, hows it going with your girlfriend?

Dave: Broke up with her, she was cheating. There's 5 months i'll never get back.

E.g. 2)Brittany: Ugh, Sally, my boyfriend was cheating on me. We were together for over a freaking year! How could he?
by a fallen star xxx April 17, 2019