When an individual becomes so drunk/stoned they cant feel themself and dont feel pain/ or just to the point where they pass out or throw up.
*doing* "I just want to go the the pub and get Maggoted"
*question* "Wanna get Maggoted?"
*expression* "Fuck! you were Maggoted!"
by Benny1988 March 6, 2006
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Some of you may have gotten this right, but most of you are really far off.

Maggot (n): a name used to degrade somebody, generally used in the military. Used by somebody of higher rank to degrade and/or humiliate somebody of lower rank.

Maggot (n): a worm like creature, fly larvae.

MaGGoT (n): A hard core fan of the band SlipKnoT, coined by the drummer of SlipKnoT Joey Jordison.

note: the word maggot does not mean to get really hammered or to drink excessivly the correct spelling for that term is maggit (with an i not o).

note: for definition number three that is it that's all a MaGGoT is in relation to SlipKnoT no more, no less.
Drill sergeant: Drop and give me twenty maggot!

Recruit: Sir yes sir!


Person one: Gross that apple is covered in maggots.

Person two: yeah gross.


MaGGoT: I really enjoy listening to the band SlipKnoT.
by the real maggit May 8, 2010
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1. A term (in Australia) that refers to alcoholic intoxication, but specifically to a level of drunkeness that includes loss of co-ordination, vomiting and soiling yourself.
1. "I drank so much last night! I was fucking maggot!"
by lotsofpinash May 1, 2007
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1. A Slipknot fan.
2. A little person.
3. A baby fly.
1. I'm a Maggot! (sic)
2. Get out of the way you maggot.
3. Why are there maggots all over your room?
by (SIC)Drummer November 7, 2004
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A loathsome bottom-feeder. An individual that survives on what others throw away. Or, lives and thrives off of the decay of others.
Did you hear about that guy who took all the elderly peoples money in a scam?" "what a friggin maggot
by Hatinlife2k8 December 20, 2010
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