The samuel nougart of the squad.

Thinks he is good then gets clapped by some scrub without opposable thumbs.

Still better than a matthew sutton
by NougsMumsHot69 October 15, 2020
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a surprised reaction to giggling or unexplained questioning. Very popular in Jasper, and it is used when topless, after smoking a cigarette and stretching.
Ha ha ha. What is the joke? Its no joke, I just think I'm lookin at a dead man. It seems everywhere I go I hear that same joke.
by captain poopypants November 12, 2004
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1. Hot girls
2. Talented...ever heard of it?
3. Coolest kids everrrr!!
4. Won the New Canaan dual meet...remember?
5. Always have the best ideas to make meets fun
6. Kit Harding is my GOD
7. Yeah we do...Its sickk..but we take care of our points in SWIMMING...hence the name SWIM meet
8. Rivals? Since you want to be so bad...
9. Those shirts were my idea bitches...and a damn good one at that
10. Bitch please...
by Lady Warriors<3 April 11, 2005
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..too bad you cared so much that you had to shave and taper for fciacs. and if dual meets mean nothing, why so teary? and by the way, we werent in your class AND we still beat your relays at opens. ramburgersssss
where do you come up with this stuff ramburgers???
by Lady Warriors<3 April 26, 2005
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1. Ugly Men
2. Butch
4. Lost to New Canaan Girls Swim & Dive Team
5. Poor exuse for good sportsmanship
6. Hey - Kit Harding...
7. They have a diving team??? ...
8. Wish they were the New Canaan Girls Swim Team's rival.... (b/c they aren't good enough to have a rival)...
10. ...Bitches.
"Got Ramburgers??" .... HAHA... you're cool.
by ~ * NC RAMS! ~ * April 05, 2005
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