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Lynzy is a naturally beautiful girl who doesn't know it. She thinks she is unwanted and unloved but she doesn't tell people that. She hides her pain with a smile. Lynzy is a sporty girl. She can play anything! If she likes you take her because there is no love like hers!
Wow! Why don't I know lynzy?
by Thatguy54 April 21, 2017
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Normally hot as fuck and always has the biggest tits in the room and usually amazing to look at. looks good with different hair colors but defines her attitude. brown is for normal mom house wife type. Blonde is the one you want she turns sex machine that can't get enough cock and rides a cock like a pro always horny and DTF. she is the appitamy of a perfect wife material. loves to drink and party but will not admit when 1 more is too much. Cleans up nice and proper to take to dinner but after that it's on with trucker mouth.
friend:that girl at the end of a bar is looking so lynzy.

Friend2: what's a lynzy
Friend: someone who has great tits and loves to fuck and drink
by digbickmick March 31, 2017
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