An old English word meaning a corpse. It can also be spelled lych or lich it derives from the Medieval English “lic” meaning a dead body and is used in the traditional song Lyke Wake Dirge.
When people use “lyke” instead of “like” they just demonstrate their ignorance and stupidity.
by AKACroatalin July 13, 2015
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Chat speak for "like" usually used by lazy people, or people who want to look cool
LyKe WuT r U dOiN 2dAy????////
by Skellyhell September 15, 2005
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a really stupid way to spell like, that only stupid kids use
lYkE, OmFg, ThAT gUy WuZ lYkE sO hAwt!
by shh July 3, 2004
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An alternative spelling to the word like, usually used on the Internet, especially myspace, IM, etc. The word is usually accompanied by other words that have been "shortened", such as ur, omg, and wtf. Sometimes it seems like the person who types this way is trying to decode a message, because it is nearly impossible to read to people who actually care about proper spelling, punctuation, and grammar.

Apparently, the people who type this way are either lazy because they don't want to type out the entire word, or are trying to be scene or something like that.
0mg, lYk3, iF U typ3 lyke t4is, iT's n0t cut3, U juSt l00k sTupId.
by thisby July 3, 2006
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"Lyke", an ancient British word for "corpse", is related to the German leich and is the root from which came "lych", as in the Lych Gate of a church, which often had seats and a bench so both the coffin and the coffin bearers could rest before going into the burial ground or the church itself.
The Lyke Wake Walk is a forty-mile challenge walk, to be completed in under 24 hours and is situated on England's high North York Moors.
by lisa_simpsonlyke August 2, 2006
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Derives from a dumbass names Stephanie Davey. She thinks she is cool because she spells "like" with a "y" but she is really an idiot.
LyKe DoN't MaKe FuNnA Me!! HoW rUdE!
by I Hate Her! June 30, 2004
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It's a supid way to spell "like" used by assholes with mental problems that thinks they're cool
Hey bro i lyke that bitch! ..I'ma beat u up asshole
by I'ma fuck yo' May 3, 2006
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