What tweekers do at 3 am while riding down streets on ten-speeds; lurping: looking for items to steal and sell at a pawn shop to pay for tweek. (see Michael Human)
I lurped a car stereo from an unlocked car at 3 in the morning to buy tweek.
by artbo March 16, 2005
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A term used to describe the sketchy actions and antics of people, who tend to be methamphetamine abusers, as they go about any and every unscrupulous means to make money
Kassondra: "Gurl, was that Richi Rich lurping over there?"

Rachael: "Yeah, why is he so sketchy??"
by Tsunami1013 April 18, 2015
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1. (n) A person who is long, lanky, and can't quite handle him or herself while doing physical activities, such as playing basketball, dancing, walking, etc.
2. (adjective--Lurpy) Used for any object that isn't quite how it should be, in a spacial sense.

'lurp' has varying forms depending on whether it is being used as a noun, adjective, adverb, or verb. 'to lurp' is the verb. One can lurp, be a lurp, be a lurpster, be lurpy, or just plain lurp around
1. Look at Jeff, he's such a lurp!
2. My hair is so lurpy today.
by Sally June 22, 2003
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A man who seeks to have sex with a girl and tries to make it happen using tired lines and creepy body language.
As in, "That guy is such a lurp, I saw him grab that girl's titty a second ago. Don't you dare go home with him."

Also usable as an adjective, as in "That was really lurpy of you to say that ole worn-out line."
by padi July 15, 2005
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1. lurp(ed) -verb: to steal(stole).

2. Lurper (or lurping-ass) -noun: one who steals, is nosy, carpet picks, or is paranoid.

3. Lurped Out -adj: being extreamly high on meth.
1. "I'ma lurp that car." "I lurped a grip of shit from Wal-Mart"

2. "I bet that lurpin' ass Scott stole the check book."

3. " Damn, dude I put so much shit in my arm, I'm lurped the fuck out."
by Ashley (A - Dub) December 14, 2007
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A lurp exhibits the following characteristics:

1. One of extremely lanky stature, uncoordinated to the point of great annoyance.

2. Talks constantly in a state of dreary, droning monotone.

3. Extremely unathletic, unable to compensate for height, in sports such as basketball, football, volleyball, etc.

4. Hands like feet.

5. Inability to attract the opposite sex, despite constant efforts and confidence in him/herself, often due to creepiness, among other lurpy characteristics.

Exhibiting any of the characteristics listed above in daily life
"The lurp loomed large over the small, terrified children."

"Jonny, pick up your feet and quit lurping around!"

by Professor Kenneth Highfield October 01, 2008
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To make sexual advances in a creepy and inappropriate manner. Such as an old dude lurping on a teenager, or a married dude lurping on a woman that is not his wife.
Dude, David was totally lurping on Stacy last night! Not cool!
by jessakill September 02, 2013
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