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Down to earth and super chill. Likes to laugh and have fun. Gets along with just about anyone and is very friendly. Beautiful person inside and out. Has a bangin' body. Faithful in relationships. Respectful of herself and others.
You're very Kassondra-like today, I'm diggin' it!
by purpleshoes78 January 18, 2011
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Kassondra \k(a)-ssond-ra, kass(on)-dra\ is a variant of Cassandra (Greek) and Kassandra, and the meaning of Kassondra is "man's defender, warrior" or

Κασσάνδρα -- Cassandra -- 'She who entangles men' from Indo-European 'kwet-', 'To shake' and 'ner-2', 'Man'.

In Greek mythology Kassandra was the daughter of King Priam and Queen Hecuba of Troy. She was blessed with the gift of prophecy by Apollo, but after shunning him was doomed to never be believed. After the fall of Troy she was taken by the Greek warrior Agamemnon but murdered by his jealous wife Klytaimnestra.
Kassondra - In the Odyssey the ghost of Agamemnon tells Odysseus "And most pitiful of all that I heard was the voice of the daughter of Priam, of Cassandra, whom hard by me the crafty Clytemnestra slew."
by xSoulsticex December 03, 2010
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