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A Lurkey Turkey is a creature which lives all over the Southern Comfort Hemisphere, it is unique in that is is never sober and generally lurks around alleys, looking like a bit of a turkey (hence the word, its a derived term). The Lurkey Turkey is a one of a kind creature and features in several pop culture shows like "Turkey Lurkey Time" (due to legal reasons they couldn't write Lurkey Turkey but instead Turkey Lurkey). There is only one true Lurkey Turkey but there are some wanna-be Lurkey Turkey's but they are often just called drunks or vampires. As the Lurkey Turkey is unique, it therefore has magical powers like; surviving Thanksgiving, surviving multiple ninja attacks, and making every decision in the world ever, it is pretty much a God, it is also the founder of the Turnip Religion, under the pseudonym "Edgar Turnip" which has lead to the establishment of boxes in the metauniverse.
Jihm: "Praise to the Lurkey Turkey"
Suicidal Turnip passing by: "Thats not the Lurkey Turkey, its just a drunk lurking outside the Exchange waiting to beat someone up for chump change to start drinking again."
Jihm: "Damn... I wanted to eat it's pancreas..."
by LurkeyTurkey (elitcheseturkey) September 15, 2009
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When someone Won't leave you alone or stop texting you.
'He won't stop texting me he's being a lurkey turkey'
by Ty--txt June 18, 2016
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When someone is flirtatious in a sly manner.
"Josh just texted me his parents weren't home" "What a Lurkey Turkey!"
by haikumoonface April 19, 2018
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