AKA: Calm luh fit

Slang for "Little calm fit" or "Calm little fit"

Used to describe an outfit that is "nun too crazy" or in other words: an outfit that is very plain or thrown together for the sake of being comfortable.

Also used sarcastically for an outfit that is over the top and opposite of a "calm little fit".
"I'm wearin' a luh calm fit nun ' to extreme "
by wumi October 8, 2023
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luh calm fit, is a nun special opium bird, nun too extravagent n things of that nature, nun crazy doe, jus chillin in antarctica wind.
bro : "come with your calmest fit"
*me coming with a luh calm fit nuthin too exuberating*
by wraithwente October 5, 2023
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Luh Calm Fit is slang for an outfit put together without much fuss or planning, often reflecting a relaxed and effortless style. In the ghetto context, it signifies a look that's simple, comfortable, and practical, without any need for extravagance or attention-grabbing fashion. It's the kind of outfit you throw on without overthinking, perfect for navigating the streets while keeping it real.
Tyrell had to step out real quick to handle some business, so he threw on a luh calm fit: some baggy jeans, a faded black hoodie, and his worn-out air force 1's. He didn't need no flashy threads to make a statement. His luh calm fit was all about staying low-key and blending in with the neighborhood while staying comfortable on the grind.
by southmemphisyoungan November 5, 2023
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1. When the fit is fire but the wearer’s body type is abnormal, i.e. skinny legs but big stomach, or other peculiar builds like that.

2. When the fit is either basic, consisting of corny clothes, or just trash in general but the wearer is confident about it.
“Yo rate the fit”, “bro wtf you wearing dawg, luh calm fit ahh mf”
by Imp-Milks August 29, 2023
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luh calm fit originally means an outfit that's 'nothing too crazy', hints the 'nun too crazy'.

the outfit is usually pulled off by someone with an abnormal body type but exudes confidence.
Information about the bird that is used for the luh calm fit.

the opium bird just a trend which this so called 'opium bird' and a lady befriending the bird, and they move around and stuff. the opium bird, also called the erosion bird. is a tall white bird with the head looking like a crow. and it mostly lives at the snowy mountains of Antarctica.

alr im just gonna straight say it

i'm deeply sorry folks, but its not a real bird. its an ai video.
by icantdecidemyusername October 14, 2023
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Woah Jim that’s a great looking outfit”, “Yeah you know it’s just a “Luh Calm Fit”
by COSTLEE14M September 23, 2023
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Recent meme in tiktok consisting of a white, bird like creature with series of images and short videos supposedly depicting a never before seen series of a giant bird
Have you seen that meme, Erosion Bird, aka Luh Calm Fit??

Yeah dude its mad funny
by fetasalaatti666 October 5, 2023
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