something that brings a feeling of calm
The slime its Satisfactory
by ─??? October 18, 2020
Where they manufacture satisfaction.
"where did you get all that satisfaction?"

"the satisfactory"
by Ralastas July 15, 2008
cracktorio but less potent and in 3d
"Then I saw this empty valley over here and I thought, you know, this could use a conveyor belt weave" - satisfactory players after demolishing the local ecosystem
by a random person here May 31, 2022
A friend or friends, that just make the cut. Time spent with such friends is usually considered mearly reasonable.
Ah, this is great times. Passion pop, burn-outs... and satisfactory friends.
by Swandog September 5, 2005
Same thing as a Happy Ending, but more sophisticated sounding.
Jeremy got a satisfactory conclusion from his male masseuse.
by Neoark October 4, 2021
work that is not fully done is not satisfactory.
by maggiemae23 October 31, 2021