Ridiculousness. Ludicratiosness. Full on dumb.
The world ain't flat - that's sheer utter ludicrosity.
by T-Bird M'T May 21, 2005
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Please stop, I’m trying to work and can’t see the screen through the tears of laughter at your ludicrosity!”
by Emmywz August 13, 2021
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1. A descritpive term used to describe the state of a person, place, thing or event of a particularly ludicrous nature.
"Nas and Jay-Z in a gay prono together ... what kind of ludicrosity is this?!?!"
by El-Keter August 9, 2002
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Recieving/falling victim to ludicrous directives, usually from middle management under instruction from management in large companies.
What new acts of extreme ludicrosity have you guys been subjected to TODAY?
by sonormore February 28, 2006
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In early 1999, myself and fellow independant filmaker, Emery Noel of manchester NH USA co-wrote a film named "ludicrosity." The plot was about 4 guys who were going nowhere in their lives until the discovered the risks and thrills of comic terrorism- unfortunatly we were at about 75% complete primary shooting of our footage on 9/11/01, and the project had to be scrapped in the tense weeks that followed. Filmaker's insurance skyrocketed, police participation was nil and several locations backed out. Though we copyrighted the title believing that in fact we had created the word circa summer 1999, I am not laying individual claim to it other than as the title to our film. Thought that may be interesting to someone somewhere out there at some time, who enjoys the word.

Posted by: Gordon Smith on May 25, 2004 07:31 PM
"critics described the film as nothing short of remarkable- amazing and filled with such Ludicrosity as to make your heads spin"

form our now defunct website
by Gordon Smith May 25, 2004
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ridiculous irony, odd juxtapositions causing chuckle or grin
I am forever in search of further ludicrosity, in addition to greater efficiency.
by alanora May 18, 2009
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lu·di·crous·i·ty per·son·i·fied (loo-di-kruhs-i-tee pər-sŏn'ə-fī'd)
1. The height of ludicrosity--an extreme case of absurdity and humor--experienced on a human level.
2. An event of unbelievable ridiculousness.
Example of ludicrosity personified- I was speaking with a kid on the street who said he has healing hands because his friend regained consciousness when he held her hand. Of course, it could have been the glucose tab that helped the diabetic.
by Michael DeFant December 11, 2008
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