A way of saying "porno" to get around word filters on many chat sites.
Tie: Dude, I am looking at * right now
Down: What did you say? You got censored.
Tie: *! PRONO!!
by Rokara January 30, 2011
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the act of masturbating and puking while looking at GAY MALE PORN
malfunction stop doing the prono
by kuperaye August 02, 2004
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stuff that heather was looking at while on a music trip in virginia beach. also see "adult desires."
heather! you and that prono has got to stop!
by Nicole May 27, 2003
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Which is refered to as a noob that goes prone in battle. Derived from the acient greek word Proneubulus Noobulus, when warriors would laydown and crawl on the battlefeild, because they had nothing better to do than look like idiots. Cause it sure as hell did not save their lives.
Goten is a Prono-Nooblar
by Israfel October 08, 2004
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