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Lucilla is a wise and smart girl that tends to have a circle of close friends. It may look like she is attached to them but she is super self sufficient and independent. she doesn't give a second glance to boys that come her way. She prefers to be without anyone and feels that she does better this way. Lucilla is often thought of as weak but is actually really clever and cunning when she wants to be. she can always tell when you are being fake and really saying nasty stuff behind her back. She will act oblivious but will use her wits and make sure you payback what you deserve. She will stick up for her few close friends that are scattered around in different places so it is rare that she is with them all at once. she will also defend the victim in certain situations. The mountains are her true home no matter how much it looks like school is where she does best. Even though she gets amazing grades she has serious anxiety issues that no one is aware of brought on by the pressure of being perfect. Fun and happy moments are important to her. The friendship with a Lucilla lasts a lifetime.
Girl 1 - So did you meet the new girl Lucilla?

Girl 2 - Yeah she seems really mean how she ruined Georgia's reputation

Girl 1 - Actually Georgia was lying to us and talking about us behind our backs

Girl 2 - Wow I am hurt! I'm glad I know now

Girl 1 - And Lucilla isn't being all mean to her after she paid her back for Georgia telling everyone her parent hates her and won't even talk to her anymore just because she was born

Girl 2 - This Lucilla seems like a strong girl!
by Phoenix379 May 27, 2019
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More formally known as Lucilla the Hun is generally a large scaley creature from the paleolithic era. Hell bent on destruction of your soul, shell stop at nothing to ruin all that is dear to you. This succubus will hunt down a male counterpart to mate with, crush their pelvis, and suck the blood from their body. The only way to defense against a Lucilla is to out run them and or have a cross made of baby bones.
Oh God! Here comes a Lucilla! Protect your pelvic bones!
by wild card November 07, 2013
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The most amazing person in the universe a total kween and a perfect being totally better than Lauren
Lucas: β€œHey did you see Lucilla?”

by TrumpetNoisesAppearinginyourCl February 05, 2019
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