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When a director of high acclaim returns to filmmaking after a long period of absence or streak of success; and releases a disappointment. A lot of it is due to ego, or plain just getting rusty from not directing for a long time. Most notably; George Lucasreturned to the director's chair 21 years after the original Star Wars, to direct The Phantom Menace. "Phantom" was so overloaded with unnecessary CGI, and weak acting, and last but not least Jar Jar Binks. The Wachowski Brothers are another example. With such high expectations after the astounding The Matrix, they started showing breaks in their armor with The Matrix Reloaded, while mostly watchable, which then led to the letdown of all letdowns, The Matrix Revolutions.
"It's been 10 years since James Cameron had a real movie in theaters, I'm crossing my fingers he doesn't get Lucasitis when directing Avatar."
by Dr. Claw June 19, 2008
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