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Fan A: “Did you see that post about <insert rage of the week/ troll post here> on Mos Eisley?
Fan B: “Yep. Mos Eisley doing Mos Eisley things...”
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by LaEstrella June 02, 2018
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Pronounced: Moss-Izely

1. (Noun) Mos Eisley is a primitive city of Tatooine, so far on the outskirts of the Galactic Republic, that many laws are ineffective and useless, as their are almost no Goverment Officials or forms of Law Enforcement. Slave trade is a common business, and is ran by Organized Crime. This City is entirely fictional and is purely a senario in George Lucas's Star Wars.

2. (Adjective) A slang term that can be used to describe anything that is just voraciously bitching. Must be used with very much discretion as this is a very powerful term. Although, almost anything in itself can be Mos Eisley, it is solely up to the user to decide when appropriate. The user of this word must be qualified. Qualification is gained through asking permission of the Author/Inventor of this word, or being in the Inner-Circle of those who made brought Mos Eisley to its modern usage. The common result of those who use the term "Mos Eisley" in a situation where Mos Eisley is clearly un-called-for, is the user becomes a social-outcast, his/her's opinions are not taken seriosly anymore, and general humiliation from one's peers.
Please, If you don't understand the true meaning of Mos Eisley, as I am sure many of you do not, don't use this phrase. You obviously are not qualified to say Mos Eisley in any situation. The slang term is so closely related to Tits Magee that occasionally it may be used as a synonym for Tits Magee, and vice-versa.

However, as much as this word is used as an expression to describe something as undeniably awesome, Mos Eisley can also be used in a sense of exasperation hence, the emphasism on the word is changed.
Person #1: Wow, George Carlin is one cool guy.
Person #2: Mos Eisley!
Person #3: Word.

Ex 2

Person #1: There's a snowday today! That's so mos eisley!

Person #1: Damn, the only thing on TV is Jerry Springer..
Person #2: Mos Eisley..
by Jack Paul Hagen February 21, 2006
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originated by george lucas, adapted by jack hagen to fit its modern use which can be used for anything in general bitching terms. this word is closely related to the word tits magee from anchorman, this word was adapted to fit its modern use by garrett shilkie and greg morman. (see TITS MAGEE)
person one(dumb bitch): one day i was walkin to school, and a sucka bitch squirrell ass was rapin my woman, so i killed him with tazer bitch.
person two(you): really?
person one: yea
person two: MOS EISLEY


hobo: hey got any change?
you: yeaaa i think i got someMOS EISLEY! (when saying this, yell it as if it is part of the word "some" or other word etc)
by jack hagen February 09, 2005
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Used over instant messenger by particularly smug (read: dorky) star wars fans that believe they are being quite clever by replacing "most likely" with "mos eisley". Typical response to such usage is one of confusion.
Jeter8276: happy hour tonight?
HolyLoral1: I'm in, Plugs?
Jeter8276: mos eisley
HolyLoral1: eh?
Jeter8276: sorry, most likely
HolyLoral1: you "mos eisley" need to get a life
by brownthomas April 27, 2005
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