a person who lives like trash, and doesn't care to improve themselves.
A lowlife can usually be found in a broken down house, have druggies as friends, and usually has a kid at 14, are lazy and are unemployed by choice
by jesusistheonlyway2HEAVEN February 18, 2011
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A person who purposely trys to bring pain, dysfunction ,chaos or any kind of negative with the intent to try to teach a lesson in some way hoping that it will destroy whatever beauty or strength that a lowlife can not endure.
Only a lowlife would try to take from a friend who had less than he did.
by Goddess of karma January 14, 2022
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Kids that post absolute shenanigans on Snapchat. Like “ss if u care about me” in other words meaning insecure
I am very sick and tired of the lowlifes asking if I think they are ugly
by Tyler.gundy December 25, 2017
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One who lives on a low budget. One who drinks heavily, and often forgets about common priorities in life, in order to party first. One who may be a part of, or fan of Lower Life Form. One who resides in the South. One who believes drinking is a sport, or hobby, and not just a social activity.
"Look at that damn Lowlife, hes been curled up on the bathroom floor for two days."
by Lowlife713 February 5, 2007
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To get busy with things that don't have a meaning in life.
omg he played the game for 400 hours without stopping, what a lowlife...

Adam is such a lowlife, he can't stop playing that stupid game!
by Unyverse December 27, 2016
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A lowlife is a person that has no hobbies, isn't passionate in anything, and isn't productive at all in life and only goes out. Mostly females (not all females, only when compared to male lowlifes). Lowlifes can be called ratchet (if a female), dumb hoe (if a female), fuck boy (if a male). MOSTLY city people.
Erika is such a fucking lowlife always going out doing dumb shit with them other hoes, thinking they're all that and savage.
by I'm mad at someone June 7, 2017
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Lowlife = punk + hipster. Not dirty enough to be straight up punk, not emotional enough to b emo (which is just young hipsters). Likes to holler at trust fund trustees, drink PBR, make people believe everything is ironic, dangle abt 400 keys off a carbiner (most of which prob don't open anything) blah blah blah
Cleveland is just full of these interesting little lowlife's. Hanging around dive bars pretending to be "down," then jump in the range rover dodging ppl asking for money, complaining about the poor.

1: What is up with that dude and all those keys? Is he a janitor? And why does he wear girls clothes?
2: Nah, he's just a lowlife, and I have no fucking clue
by The Goldfather August 10, 2010
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