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1. The opposite of a Highlander in terms of neck vulnerability.

2. An individual whose neck is impervious to injury or heals itself quickly, possibly to the point where the head is not detachable from the body.

3. Opponent to Highlander philosophy that there can be only One. Why not two, or three?

4. A martial arts move in which one's own neck is employed as an offensive weapon against an opponent.
Cam was not quite 14 years old when he first fractured his neck. It was at this point when he first suspected that he might be a Lowlander.

Had Christopher Reeve been a Lowlander, you would never have heard about him after after 1993.

Did you see that? That guy just lowlandered the shit out of those honkies.
by Kelly McFartypants April 30, 2010
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