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While performing the Bottle Rocket during sexual intercourse, do not release the girl's hair. This will cause her to, upon launch, spin out to which ever side you pull her. While at the height of the launch let go of her hair and watch her spin through the air. Best if performed on petite chicks as to get the most distance, height, and amusement from the launch.

See Bottle Rocket
A "I did a bottle rocket the other night"
B "Me too, but I held onto her hair"
A "Sweet, Sparkler!"
by Jekyl January 02, 2010
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a sexual act in which you are receiving a blumpkin. While you are getting one, you finish in her mouth, stand up and shove her head in the toilet; sit down and flush. Will end relationship.
A "Hey man, I was getting a blumpkin and gave her a lowland betrayal"
b "haha nice, she's you're ex now right?"
A "Yup she'll be washing her bathroom and hair for weeks"
by Jekyl January 02, 2010
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during sexual intercourse in cowgirl position one wraps their arm around the girl's waist, and runs the other up the back into their hair. Once secure thrust rapidly and as hard as possible. When you finish thrust your hips up strongly and release her waist and hair, launching her off of your penis. You may choose to yell "Happy New Year!" "Happy Birthday!" or any other festivity where one may launch off a bottle rocket.
Remember to turn slightly to the side as to make sure she does not land on you in her dissent.

See Sparkler
"yup I did the bottle rocket...she went like 6 feet up...I yelled 'HAPPY NEW YEAR!' "
by Jekyl January 02, 2010
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