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Combination of Love and infinity, infinate Love, no end, love forever.
My Lovinity for you will never waver.

God's Lovinity for mankind is unmatched.
by Overweight Lover PV July 13, 2010
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Also known as: Lovinity Hearts, the love pony, lovin

Lovinity is a My Little Pony character OC with the destiny of spreading infinite love (love without end, limit, condition). Her race is a pegasus, with maroon body, maroon/red striped mane and tail, red shoes with yellow gems in them, and a heart with the infinity symbol below as a cutie mark. She's relatively small for her age.

She is a young bubbly filly who likes to bring cheer and fun to all. As far as personality, you can consider her a cross between Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie. Bubbly, yet gentle. She loves to show affection. She's also the type of pony that wouldn't make enemies.

She was created in November 2, 2012
Why don't you talk to Lovinity; I'm sure she could help you out with making friends.
by xanaftp June 14, 2013
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