A playful British term that usually refers to an actor, especially one regarded as slightly vapid or 'over the top' in their reactions and behaviour. Sometimes spelled 'luvvie' or 'luvvy'.

The reference is to a stereotype of theatre actors habitually addressing people as ‘lovie’ .

The word can also refer to the London-based social elite, and has become a popular insult from the political right against their 'lovie lefty' rivals, who are usually middle-class and focused on the arts and culture.

Russell Brand would likely be considered a lovie.
"God, I'm so sick of that self-righteous lovie Jamie Oliver. Hands off my turkey twizzlers, you mop-headed twit!"
"Wow, Shoreditch is full of lovies."
by _bluelamp_ November 21, 2018
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Lovie hotttttt
by MetalLogos November 5, 2019
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Good type the type to go hard and good kisser. But when he is going for a girl he gets her.
by Lovie Clayton July 10, 2018
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A inside joke* Gage and Betty are lovie.
They are goals and so lovie
by Gages fav April 9, 2016
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A word used to say you love someone or a nickname for your gf/bf/whatever the fuck non binary are called
Mahiya distantly looks at me and whispers,’I lovy Tequila.’ Tequila then replies,’wanna be my lovy?’
by The Thino November 24, 2021
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