A Lovis always knows what's the right thing to do in the worst situations
He is intelligent , a awesome dancer and a good and loyal friend
His voice is so calm , it's like a song which you never want to end

He is adorable , sensitive and confident
If he loves a girl his love is so strong that nothing can tear them apart

If a girl would ever cheat on him , he would be confused but he would never get agressiv or angry
You can't resist him and you will never forget him
Girl1: you see that attractive boy over there ?
Girl2: that must be one of those rare boys called lovis !
by Leonieforlive April 04, 2018
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A remark used upon parting similar to that of "goodbye," only with a greater sense of affection.
"Lovies!" Mimi yelled over her back as she left the party in her car.
by Meems February 24, 2005
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A beautiful, tall and lovely girl. She loves to withdraw and to be alone sometimes. Even if she doesn't show it, she needs attention and is worth it.
you: Hi lovis what's going on?
lovis: what do you mean?
you: why are you sitting here all alone in the dark?
lovis: oh, I'm telling myself a story ...
by HelloLovis January 09, 2021
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lovies- (n.) term displaying high regard when speaking of one's friends. formerly very cutsie and endearing, but has lost all meaning due to overuse by copy cats in dumbass AIM profiles.
"missing my lovies!" is now said by everyone, thus it is meaningless and you are all lemmings. k bye.
by kimmie&kris May 29, 2005
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Just a guy with a dick big as the united States and europe together

He likes girls with an ass even bigger than his dick and Boobs Rich Ass jeff bezos

He likes playin badminton

His penis might come out of your mouth
Girls: oh no youre penis is to Large
Lovis: no dont worry in the worst case it comes out or in your mouth
by Weisserhengst August 03, 2018
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another term for a friend who you care lots about, but not in a romantic way. NOTE: typically not a straight guy's term.
by pseuDONTym May 27, 2011
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