is said when something that you think is so ridiculous and would never happen actually does happen and your not even surprised....mostly said sarcastically
"i can't believe we went to delaware and got arrested, LOVIES!!"
by teamlovies July 23, 2006
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a sappy feeling. usually harbored by new couples.
"Ewww look at those teenagers making googlie eyes and being all lovie-dovie."
by Caitlyn Rose J February 03, 2008
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Used to describe a sickeningly high level of public affection, usually displayed by new couples in the early stages.

Also applies to couples on social media who relentlessly compliment and tag eachother to declare their undying love 47 times a day.
"Oh god... I just spewed in my mouth a little when I caught a glimpse of that lovie-dovie couple over there"
by ObtuseDeus March 19, 2016
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Coach of the Chicago Bears as of 2004, he had a rocky first season with the Bears (5-11) but in 2005 and 2006, he has gotten the Bears to the playoffs. The Bears currently have a record of 10-2.
Lovie Smith has really turned the Bears around.
by Adrian December 03, 2006
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To succeed despite idiocy. Lovie Smith is the worst coach EVER
The Bears managed To Pull a Lovie when they won on September 27, 2010 despite Lovie's horrible play calling
by Shimatta Baka-Ni! September 27, 2010
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A female chink, Asian prostitute. What a hooker gives you.
From the movie "Platoon" then exploited by many rappers such as "2 Live Crew" with the Lyric "me so horny, me lovie longtime"
That hoe gave me lovie longtime and some sucky sucky n-shit.
by Echappy November 29, 2006
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Lovis is a beautiful girl with alot of energy, she hates to see her friends sad and she does everything to make them happy.
"Look there's a Lovis, she cares alot."
"There's Lovis! The best friend in the world!"
by PrincessL... January 26, 2017
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