This is a person that is nice to you when you are nice to them, they are usually short and want to fight people when they can't. A walking contradiction. They are cute and sweet and like hugs and kisses.
Wow you are acting like a Lovy
by NeverGonnaGiveYouUp :) April 15, 2022
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A word used to say you love someone or a nickname for your gf/bf/whatever the fuck non binary are called
Mahiya distantly looks at me and whispers,’I lovy Tequila.’ Tequila then replies,’wanna be my lovy?’
by The Thino November 24, 2021
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A playful British term that usually refers to an actor, especially one regarded as slightly vapid or 'over the top' in their reactions and behaviour. Sometimes spelled 'luvvie' or 'luvvy'.

The reference is to a stereotype of theatre actors habitually addressing people as ‘lovie’ .

The word can also refer to the London-based social elite, and has become a popular insult from the political right against their 'lovie lefty' rivals, who are usually middle-class and focused on the arts and culture.

Russell Brand would likely be considered a lovie.
"God, I'm so sick of that self-righteous lovie Jamie Oliver. Hands off my turkey twizzlers, you mop-headed twit!"
"Wow, Shoreditch is full of lovies."
by _bluelamp_ November 21, 2018
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a term for any type of affection such as cuddling, kisses, hugs, etc. It is not usually meant to be overtly sexual, more nice and cutesy.
"Aw she just wants some lovies!" Neil said in response to his dog jumping up on Jill's lap.
by Yevachka September 26, 2008
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lovie is a call sign for your loved one, like a boyfriend or girlfriend, a crush or your bestfriend. lovie means "love me" it's actually a word i made for both me and my bestfriend. so you, you can use it at any way.
"hey lovie, are you okay"

"love me and i'll call you lovie"
by airaeraa September 30, 2021
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A Lovis always knows what's the right thing to do in the worst situations
He is intelligent , a awesome dancer and a good and loyal friend
His voice is so calm , it's like a song which you never want to end

He is adorable , sensitive and confident
If he loves a girl his love is so strong that nothing can tear them apart

If a girl would ever cheat on him , he would be confused but he would never get agressiv or angry
You can't resist him and you will never forget him
Girl1: you see that attractive boy over there ?
Girl2: that must be one of those rare boys called lovis !
by Leonieforlive April 4, 2018
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