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The magical combination of friendship and love. Can be in a relationship, platonic, between opposite sexes, or the same sex.
They loved each other so deeply, and their friendship was so solid, that what they had could only be defined as loveship.
by Kate Charlton November 08, 2008
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Term used to describe friendship based on unconditional love and uncompromised openness about ones or others thoughts or actions. Having 3 core principles: be real; be present; love one another.
Ieva and David are not a couple, but they are more than just β€˜let’s be friends’, they have loveship.
by Hack Kay Jay September 26, 2019
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Usually comes after a Flirtationship. A loveship is when two people both want to take it to the next step (a relationship) but it's not the time and the two people are saving themselves for each other, no matter how long it takes. Examples of the main obstacles that keep people from taking it to the next step are distance, age, or if they're simply not ready. Some loveships tend to fall back down to a flirtationship, some loveships will completely fall apart due to the people getting impatient or falling in love with someone else but most Loveships have lasted, due to the main key which is to have patience. Or it can be a combination of both a flirtationship and a loveship (when two people are really into each other but they just want to wait it out before moving on to a relationship, generally, there's nothing preventing them from moving it to the next level).
Girls Friend: Hey, did you see Tom and Kaitlyn?
Guys Friend: yeah! They said that they're going to remain in a loveship before taking it to the next level.
Girls Friend: oh that's understandable.
by Please.Master.Yes.Master September 04, 2017
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