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Ieva is an introvert. She will make up excuses to not go outside or hang out with her friends. She holds her feeling in and puts her problems aside to help her friends with their own problems. She is not a popular girl but she is a nice person once you get to know her. She's an artist. She like to keep in shape but Netflix and food takes the upper hand sometimes

You dont want to mess with an Ieva as she has a dark side to her. She may seem sweet and innocent on the outside but you never know what's gonna come at you next

She has long, beautiful light brunette hair which defines her personality very well.
Who's that there?

Ieva, she's a sweet girl once you get to know her

Ahh okay
by Bitchygirl1 April 11, 2020
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Peccadilloes shows rule.
by James Messina August 11, 2006
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an ieva is a sweet and beautiful girl who wants to help someone all the time no matter what, she will put her own problems aside to help her friends with their problems. She usually bottles things up and hides her feelings to keep others happy but as soon as you become friends with her you see the side you wouldn’t think you would, she’s crazy, thoughtful, weird and will always want to go out with her friends.
For example -
I heard ieva’s are really nice and different to what you think she’d be
by sniperivyy September 29, 2020
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This hot babe loves a girl called Rhirhi, upon spending 24/7 stalking rhirhi she becomes inspired to be as amazing.
Intelligent but has grammatical issues... she talks like this 'big brovas hav da swag, lov dem 4eva'.
She sometimes window shops in hope she would become as rich as isabelle.

-she wears black but REMEMBER she is not emo.
Ieva is gangsta, true dat.

omg she's such an Ieva!
by swaggot1996 March 09, 2013
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Ieva is a big ass piece of shit. They don't care about anyone or anything, and probably killed a guy once - and will do it again. They have their eyes on you, bitch.
Oh wow, Ieva's a total fucking dooshkabob. Nobody likes them.
by Kbnft April 05, 2018
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