the cool-ass band includes Wilbur Soot and Joe Goldsmith as the guitarists, Ash Kabosu as the bassist, Mark Broadman as the drummer, and Cameron Nesbitt being the producer. So far, (as of July 2021) they have released an EP called "Are You Alright?" consisting of 4 tracks, Taunt, One Day, Sex Sells and Cause for Concern.
Me: Have you listened to the new Lovejoy EP?
Friend: No, why?
Me: *blocks friend*
by ob-o July 10, 2021
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Love joy is a indie rock band featuring YouTuber/Streamer Wilbur Soot as the lead vocalist and guitarist for the band, Joe Goldsmith as guitar, Ash Kabosu as bass and Mark Boardman as the drums. They debuted on May 10, 2021 with their EP: Are You Alright? Along with music videos for their songs One Day and Taunt, which has YouTuber/Streamer Georgenotfound in it. The songs that are in their EP are: Taunt, One day, Sex sells, and Cause for concern. Currently as of July 10, 2021 their most popular song is One day, with 27,107,196 listens. The music video for One Day hit 1 million views within 21 hours of its initial release, The music video for Taunt hit 1 million views within 22 hours of its initial release. About the members: Prior to being in the band, Joe worked as a tree surgeon, Not much is known about Ash, and Wilbur has said that he is a quiet person. Not much is said/ known about Mark, Wilbur makes solo music when not making songs for the band, some EP include: Maybe I Was Boring released onDecember 25, 2019, and Your City Gave Me Asthma released on June 25, 2020. Wilbur also has a few singles like: I'm In Love With An E-Girl released on January 30, 2020, Internet Ruined Me released onMay 25, 2020, and Your New Boyfriend Released on December 11, 2020. Wilbur currently has a unofficial song called “Soft boy”.
(Reference: Lovejoy wiki)
“Hey do you like Lovejoy?”
What’s that?”
A band that makes indie music!”
by Koio July 11, 2021
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Someone who enjoys posting things related to penii, regardless of their sexual orientation.
Someone just Lovejoyed the perv group again. All these penii are burning the fuck out of my retina.
by uosmiley September 4, 2011
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Slang word for an instrument of poor sexual pleasure, or someone who is too amazing in bed for their own good, only gets little amounts of pleasure out of sex when compared to the amount that they give.
Oh man your such a Lovejoy! I want more of you!
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Adjective: A state of utter, complete, and often hilarious inebriation characterized by general desertion of motor facilities, attempted molestation, collapsing onto the floor and being brought home in a Sainsbury's trolley.
"Have you seen Chris around?"
"No, I don't know where he went last night. He was totally lovejoyed!"
by ChindiaZindabad October 15, 2011
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