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1) A popular place to steal stuff from.
2) An attraction that implies the need for high maintenance.
You want that Van Gogh? Fine, we'll get it from the Louvre.

I Lourve you and your wallet.
by Andrew Fisher January 04, 2006
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The largest museum in Europe, and for that matter, the world; home to the Winged Victory, the Mona Lisa, and a number of other incredibly well-known works of art.

Also, the largest enclosed space on the face of planet Earth. If you are not careful, it is quite possible to get lost there for days and days without food or water. A tourguide and a map (along with a GPS) are highly recommended.
Person #1: Hey, you went to the Louvre! Did you see the Mona Lisa?
Person #2: Yeah...
Person #1: You sound disappointed.
Person #2: Well, it's really small, and behind 4 feet of bullet-proof glass! You could hardly see it.

Excuse me, sir, but we've been lost here for 4 days and nights without food or water. Please show us the way to the exits.
by lancelot323 January 13, 2009
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