1) A popular place to steal stuff from.
2) An attraction that implies the need for high maintenance.
You want that Van Gogh? Fine, we'll get it from the Louvre.

I Lourve you and your wallet.
by Andrew Fisher January 5, 2006
The largest museum in Europe, and for that matter, the world; home to the Winged Victory, the Mona Lisa, and a number of other incredibly well-known works of art.

Also, the largest enclosed space on the face of planet Earth. If you are not careful, it is quite possible to get lost there for days and days without food or water. A tourguide and a map (along with a GPS) are highly recommended.
Person #1: Hey, you went to the Louvre! Did you see the Mona Lisa?
Person #2: Yeah...
Person #1: You sound disappointed.
Person #2: Well, it's really small, and behind 4 feet of bullet-proof glass! You could hardly see it.

Excuse me, sir, but we've been lost here for 4 days and nights without food or water. Please show us the way to the exits.
by lancelot323 January 13, 2009
A condition that causes excess gas around fine art.
I was enjoying the Mona Lisa when I was hit with a bad case of fartosis of the Louvre and had to run for the exit.
by onehandcrabbing September 26, 2012
The small inverted triangle that light sometimes shines through when fit women wear spandex pants(yoga pants)

Also known as the Cameltoe Valley
That skinny dime over there with the vagina louvre really needs to wear yoga pants more often.

That vagina louvre gave me a boner
by McNugget1654 February 2, 2012
From 'Beyonce and Jay-Z. The decision to exhibit a Beyonce and Jay-Z's artwork/video at the world-renowned Louvre Museum of Paris, France.
The slogan "Black is Beautiful" owed its existence to the ethnocentric 'Weltanschauung' or worldview that has been characterized by what A. Cesaire calls "European reductionism." Louvre's commercial decision is an advertisement that has elevated the African-American celeb couple to the same status as Da Vinci, thereby acknowledging that "Black is Beautiful."
"The Beyoncefication and Jay-Zification of Louvre: Make Black Beautiful Again" (by Zekeh Gbotokuma)
"The Beyoncefication and Jay-Zification of Louvre is, to some extent, a "Mea Culpa" confession. Through it, France (and the western world in general) is correcting and overcoming Eurocentrism and obsolete pseudo-scientific theories that have ostracized Africa and reduced Africans to second-class humans and cosmocitizens. The Beyoncefication and Jay-Zification of Louvre is one of the best possible ways of practicing the French republican ideals of LIBERTE, EGALITE & FRATERNITE" (Z. Gbotokuma).
by Cosmocitizen June 23, 2018