The way Louis Tomlinson pronounces “Loser
Louis: “What you going to do about it pal, huh, THAT’S YOUR JOB, THATS YOUR FOOKING JOB YOU FOOKING LOSAH
by 1D Stan since 2010 December 9, 2020
What that one street thug in Grand Theft Auto III sez when fighting somebody on the streets. He wears blue camo cargo shorts, brown work boots, a black Tshirt, with a long-sleeved white shirt underneath, and a green skullcap. He talks like a frickin troll.
LOSAH! *Punch Punch BOOF*
by I Hate You August 12, 2004
The state of the Republican Party and all their supporters after the 2006 mid term elections.
As a result of the 2006 mid-term elections, Dennis Hastert, Republican House, George Bush, Dick Cheney and all their supporters (including Bill O'Reilly and all Fox Anchors) are instantly bestowed the well-earned title of "losah".

"You're a republican? What a losah!"
by Byll O'Rylley November 8, 2006
(kills someone)
(finds out they won money)
by Brenda mj July 3, 2003
Louis Tomlinson once used this in one of his iconic quotes. He's very very british, it's spelled like that because he say it like that! He is a very iconic and funny person.

That's your fookin' job, you fookin' losah
by louisthesun January 13, 2021