A city across the train tracks from Mountain View. Full of old people and rich white kids who act ghetto because they know they're so far from the hood they won't get shot.
Hey man, let's go to my Mom's boyfriend's mansion in the Los Altos Hills, sit on the balcony and maybe we can see some wild mexican across the train tracks in Mountain View.


Let's go to Los Altos and and do nothing..
by Son Bel October 30, 2011
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A. A place where where, if you refuse to let an Audi cut you off, its pale-ass driver will follow and video you until you lure her into a roundabout and video HER, at which time she will take off 20 miles over the residential speed limit.

B. A place where yoga students wish for all beings to be at peace before rushing past others to stow their props.
Los Altos: home of the $10 latte.
by owena1 September 22, 2019
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A town in the bay area/silicon valley in northern California. It started as a apricot orchard or something, and grew into the glorious haven for upper-middle class citizens in the area we now talk about. Mostly full of old people who are real assholes, 5th graders to seniors who wonder around the town being douches and smoking weed, and their parents, who seem completely oblivious to what goes around in town. Not much happens in this town, its a big heap of boring shit. The town thinks that a hotel would be a better thing to have than a movie theater, which shows how far up its own ass this town is. Los Altos is full of spoiled white kids with a few minorities thrown in their, and there is really no diversity in the town. Los Altos is the town that everyone who lives there is well off, and can the people can practically get whatever they want. If you want to live in Los Altos, have fun with... whatever we have in this town.
Person 1: Hey man, did you hear about all of that hardcore shit coming from Los Altos?
Person 2: No
by HowAreYouToday May 1, 2013
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Los Altos, California is a city that borders Sunnyvale, Cupertino, Mountain View, and Palo Alto.

The TOWN of Los Altos Hills is for rich people who literally have a supreme court case allowing them to mandate homes be half an acre or larger.

The LAPD are probably bored out of their minds, hoping to bust an aigga robbin' the hood. Or maybe they're protecting San Carlos, CA from anti-tech vandals. Hope for the latter. Pray for the latter.
I grew up in "Loyola Corners" of Los Altos, CA from 1985-95, and it had a reputation of being the "hippie neighborhood".

Then we moved to Shallow Alto because of the "school" "system".

Palo Alto sucks, Los Altos rules.
by Downvoting Victim November 1, 2020
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a town in northern cali where most of the people have no souls, but lots of cash.
people in los altos only have money, not a soul.
by durangedllama February 23, 2008
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Los Altos is one of the general suburbs of the Silicon Valley. The population is about 28,000. Many Corporate big-shots and other rich notables live in Los Altos or Los Altos Hills. The town is said to be one of the most bigoted towns in the world. Los Altos is often considered a fake town seeing as it has no major industry (commercial zones are restricted), it imports far more capital than it exports, it is generally isolated (Los Altans are rarely familiar with the outside world, except for their summer home in Europe), they have brown street signs, and there are few sidewalks or street lamps.
Oh, you're from Los Altos, CA. No wonder...

I hate Los Altos, CA! I like totally want to get out of here. It's so like fake!
by p3rs0np3rs0n November 12, 2010
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