Lor is a word used by people in Baltimore. Saying that somebody is little
Imma rock that Lor girl if she say sum again yo
by MyaWya April 4, 2015
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Cantonese slang, used in a very lazy manner.
Deinfation is similar to duh, but in a more lazy manner,
usually added at the end of a sentence
A: What's a pillow
B: The thing you're sitting on lor -_-
by GOREKITTY January 26, 2010
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A beautiful girl whom makes you go crazy. Someone who hides so much and still manages to keep her head up high. The one who isn't afraid to say what she means. the one who all of the guys want for her looks at first, but then realize what she really is--one of the most genuine, loyal, and beautiful human beings on the planet, inside and out. When she smiles you can see the bright light of her soul shine through her eyes. If she is your friend, she will be the best friend, she'll have your back no matter what. If she is your enemy, then you have wronged her, and she will never forget it.
Ahhh, look at her, she's such a Lor....
by Floreye August 24, 2013
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He probably appears to be a quiet, introverted person at first - but once you get to know him he is actually really outgoing, hyper, funny and a person you love to be around with. He sometimes might throw off jokes that he actually never means in a bad way, but he will apologize to you and comfort you immediately if he made you upset in any way. He isn't actually really open about his feelings but you can tell that he actually cares about you and is a person who is deserving of love !! :) In general he is actually a pretty cool person to hang out with and always tries his best in his own way. If you ever meet a person named Lor give them a chance to get to know them better you wont regret it i promise because im pretty sure they will become one of the people you will love and treasure the most :)<3
Is his name Lor ? - Yes! You should try talking to him, he seems like a cool person to hang up with :)!
by lettertoyou11 February 1, 2022
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Abbreviation for “Left On Read”. Commonly used for Snapchat, when someone leaves you on read/opened, you simply send an “lor” and they’ll snap you back.
“Lor = left me on read
by Miss Kesha February 27, 2018
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a cool ass person who is a hobo.....she sits on benches asking ppl 4 money so she can buy booze.....
look at that hobo it must be lor...
by u will nvr noe January 26, 2004
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Means "lil"

It's the way "lil" is pronounced in Baltimore.
You seen my lor sista ?

Girl, shut ya lor a*s up !
by Msperfects April 25, 2010
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