When your on ecstasy and you get stuck in the same mental thought process over and over. You can be stuck moving to a beat and not able to get out of it or even stuck focusing on lights. This usually comes from your brain not being able to handle too much ecstasy or a combo of ecstasy and another drug. You have little or no control of your body movements or thought process. Simple functions are practically impossible. You may feel like your in a dream or even see the world as cartoons. The best way to get out of a loop is to remove yourself from the continual beat and lights of an area, try to drink water and come down.
Jon: Hey bob, why is that guy walking around in circles staring at the ground?

Bob: eh hes just looping really hard.
Jon: Should we get him out of here?
Bob: Naw he will probably come out of it on his own. If he doesnt call a medic
Jon: k
by MrDeeds6 November 2, 2012
The act of thinking your friends are plotting against you while you are on a excessive amount of LSD.
1) "They kept focusing in on me, and that's when I realized they were looping me for real"

2) Josh "quit fucking looping me!"

Ian "no one knows what you're talking about dude"
by Looper #358 June 12, 2013
When you collect the bottle tops of your drinks from the night before, so that you can be sure of how much you drank.
Friend 1: Dude, why do you have so many bottle tops in your pocket?
Friend 2: Oh, I'm looping so that I'll know how much I've had.
by brooksyKID August 22, 2013
When someone perceives or takes action... so a event or a problem exists over again.

Example: When a person try's to make a problem so they can say you were the problem or the cause of the event happening over.

Example 2: you started this fight with out fail to fucked up my birthday a third year in a row ...

when in reality there was no fight to start with they made them self believe to start looping.
What are you talking about! I did not do shit! You ruined your own day ,stop looping.
by Selfinflicted85 January 20, 2017
When you press ‘skip intro’ on Netflix, and instead of taking you to the end of it, it goes right back to the beginning.
I know, I know. I tried to skip, but It’s fucking LOOPING again.
by xaceer April 29, 2021
The repetitious act of a high school teenager (or teenagers) driving down the main highway (or more likely, the only highway) through a podunk town, turning around at a certain landmark, driving back down the main highway, turning around at a second landmark, and repeating the process until seeing another person with whom the teenager desires to hang out. The nonsense could have been avoided with a simple phone call.
RA = Reasonable Adult who is concerned with both safety and gas prices.
TA = Teenager with or without a driver's license, yet has access to a vehicle.

RA: "So what did you kids do last Friday night?"
TA: "Oh, we just went looping."

RA: "Looping?"
TA: "Yeah, we were driving around town until we saw some friends to meet up with."

RA: "Well why didn't you just pick up the phone and call them?"
TA: "I don't know. I guess there's just an element of divine intervention and meeting up with girls."

RA: "So you met up with girls?"
TA: "No, not this time."

RA: "Do you ever meet up with girls?"
TA: "Well not yet, but there is still the possibility."

RA: "Well isn't there a place you can go to meet girls?"
TA: "Not really, we would have to drive 45 minutes to go anywhere nice."

RA: "So your town is so podunk you have to go looping around it instead of all meeting up somewhere?"
TA: "Pretty much."
by PseudoScott April 14, 2012
Laughing and shitting/pooping=looping
Person: Jajajajaja im looping this is too funny
Person 2: what the hell is looping

Person 1: Oh! its a great word its shitting and laughing at the same time!!
Person 2: Wow! Ill use this all the time!!
by JAJAJAJjajajajajjajajaJa April 8, 2022