That look a woman gives when she wants something either to happen or be done. There can be a happy look and a sad look. Theres the slight smile or the slight frown,and her head cocked a little to the side.
EXAMPLE 1:When Jessica asked for the puppy and i hesitated, she gave me THE LOOK.
EXAMPLE 2: When i forgot to clean the garage, she just stood in the doorway and gave me THE LOOK.
by Andrew_from_work February 18, 2011
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The piece in an Asian chess set that is also called a Castle.
My look took you prawn. I win!
by bartlebee March 22, 2005
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If you r reading this, then you will come to know it's me.....n you know where to find me.......
Waiting for you
by April 20, 2021
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a look a female gives to a male (or a female, depending on her sexuality) if she wants to be kissed by him/her.

most of the time it is given involuntarily, and may also be used to determine if she is horny or not.
Jill gave me the look last night... but i was too much of a faggot to do anything.
by faded snoozer April 13, 2006
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a sleepover or make look at your friends to have a sleepover
Do you guys want to have the look?
by urmom😇 April 15, 2021
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What many people say doesn't matter until they get into dating themselves. It's natural for us to want to date the hottest person in order to be sexually satisfied. I mean yeah, it's not the best idea to date a pretty, stuck up bitch, but don't expect your hormones to be happy about you dating someone just because they have "a good personality."
average person: Idc about looks all that matters is personality.
Me: What about that girl over there, she's very thoughtful and nice
average person: Hell nah, she ugly af
by Dubiks March 22, 2019
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