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1. She who kicks ass beyond belief.

2. The most incredible person you are ever likely to meet.

Beautiful beyond that of a goddess-like stature, possessing looks that literally can kill and makes the most divine and decadent siren look like someone who lives in a trashcan.

Sweeter than an industrial-size bathtub filled to the brim with English honey and melted lollipops.

More open-hearted than someone getting a ventricle or valve replaced on an operating table.

A woman who loves Doctor Who, vampires, Alice in Wonderland, big hugs and has (hopefully) a passing fancy in Batman.

An angelic soul. A role model. Someone truly worth giving it all for and then some. A marvellous, illuminating, precious individual, who warms your heart everytime you see her. Someone who always invokes the giddy, romantic, sentitmental side of you just by looking into your eyes. The very epitome of perfection.

The woman I love.
I love my Lonie, and that's why I wore these shoes.
by Dashiva January 10, 2009
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