This is a dance that you do when you accomplish something extraordinary. Like hitting a homerun or getting a hat trick or something like that. You pretend to unzip your pants and use your arm to pretend to slam your dick on the ground while making a thud sound.
*johnny hits homerun
Teammates- hit that long shlong
Johnny- ok bet
*johnny performs the long shlong on home plate
by Westfields Long Shlonger April 23, 2018
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A giant peen sometimes mistaken for a pool noodle.
Bobby’s long shlong is sticking out of his shorts again!”
by Melonz4 September 07, 2019
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A wildly popular Drink originating at one of Las Vegas largest poker rooms the Vennitian. Was created after a player claimed to another player that he had Pocket Shlongs. And other player required the floor management to explain what a shlong was. So in result of this explanation loudly being explained infront of hundreds of cash and tournament poker players. The man who announced he had pocket shlongs to the table was drinking double shot of patron silver and Red Bull. And the from this point called the Long Shlong silver. Or aka LSS. After this now the long shlong silver is available at the majority of poker rooms in Las Vegas.
That long shlong silver better be double patron silver and not that cheep well tequila
by Silverlongshlong March 04, 2018
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The sexual act of sticking your cock in a long john silvers fish sandwich
Me and m’alady wanted to spice up the bedroom so when I pulled out the long shlong silvers needless to say she came instantly
by JackpotOnSpeedDemon March 20, 2021
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