When a man who is extremely turned on by something or someone, his penis starts to ErEcTile into the longshlong form. A person with a longshlong usually decides to show it off, and gets clout in the moment.
“Dude hes got such a longshlong
“Look at Coopers Longshlong
by Finessin your B June 06, 2018
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This is a dance that you do when you accomplish something extraordinary. Like hitting a homerun or getting a hat trick or something like that. You pretend to unzip your pants and use your arm to pretend to slam your dick on the ground while making a thud sound.
*johnny hits homerun
Teammates- hit that long shlong
Johnny- ok bet
*johnny performs the long shlong on home plate
by Westfields Long Shlonger May 29, 2018
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