When you're fuckin a girl, you pull out your dick almost all the way - SLOWLY - teasing her and making her thirsty for you to bring it back, you pause for a second, gather your strength, and ram it back in with the force of a freight train, clenching your fists and scrunching your face.
Man, I got this girl so wet last night. Gave her the longboys and she got off in 3 minutes tops.
by Mark Domann December 20, 2008
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The male organ of copulation. A term created by 'Strangers11' from the FollowFollow forum.
Strangers1 couldn't believe it when an image of a long boy popped up on his Mrs' phone. It was as solid as a rock.
by Gerzz July 08, 2009
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An orange cylinder and ironic meme. First used in an anonymous Facebook post by Special Meme Fresh
"HAHA Long boy"
by Storm_15 April 09, 2018
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