A Vietnamese term for Cunt, Vulva, Pussy, Snatch... Lon is used to describe just about anything and everything in Viet Nam.
Mofo is a dickhead = Thanng mat Lon
Bitch is a skank = Con Lon diem
Food is terrible = Do An nhu Lon
What a beautiful scenery = Xinh nhu Lon
by KeMeCaSi March 26, 2015
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Short for "pylon"...where a pylon is a person who just stands around silent and stationary, like an actual pylon.

Can also refer to someone uninteresting or boring.
Some party that was...everyone was just standing around like lons so I left...
by PYLON JOHNSON December 5, 2013
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Abreviation for Loser On Net
Wanna hang out? Or are you gonna be a LON?
by allan January 22, 2004
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A way to pronounce the natural log which is actually spelled Ln.
The integral of 1/x is "Lon" of x. (Ln x)
by Zip Code Ness March 5, 2008
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A superlative suffix of an adverb, meaning "very".
Q: Do you want to get drunk tonight?
A: Totallon!

Q: He's hot. Is he gay?

A: Obviouslon.
by Grubtard December 4, 2009
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Appearing often in a collect group of the wildly popular games: The Legend of Zelda, Lon Lon Milk is a delicious drink with seemingly magical healing effects. Each bottle full contains two servings and will heal five hearts per serving. It is produced by cows from the Lon Lon Ranch, and in Ocarina of Time, can be bought from Talon, or won in his Super Cucco game. However, there is an alternative to this. Simply play Epona's Song in front of any cow, and it will give you some Lon Lon Milk if you are carrying an empty Bottle.
Would you like some Lon Lon Milk?
by Madiliontracks May 6, 2009
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