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Loligator, a term used to enlighten a moment, event, or situation which contains gratuitis amounts of "lulz"
Steve: Oh dude I was so baked yesterday I didn't realize I was eating my brownies out of my toilet bowl for like 2 hours"

by TeQifsha January 15, 2009
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An LOL moment so huge it cant be described as just lol. A moment so hilarious, all you can do is stand up and scream LOLIGATOR! Can also be used as a substitute for "lol" if it pleases you to do so.
*guy tells a really funny joke* "Dude thats hilarious!" "LOLIGATOR" or.. *Texting* "haha yeah it was pretty hilarious.." other guy says.. "loligator man, loligator"
by The loligator man October 18, 2011
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