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Any government run predominantly by little girls. Derived from the greek loligarchos, to obsess over Hannah Montana and anything else Disney spawns.
This type of government is characterised by major landmarks being painted pink, all boys being put to death on the grounds that they smell and the national anthem being written by either Hannah Montana or The Jonas Brothers.

Pedophilia is a capital offense regarded as worse than treason in such countries.

The opposite form of government to a loligarchy is a pedocracy, in which all executive and legislative power is handed over to Pedobear.

Plural, loligarchies.
In the documentary Borat, Borat Sagdiyev claims that all other countries other than Kazakhstan are run by little girls. Those would all be loligarchies.
The United Loligarchy of Disneyland is a small city state similar to the vatican run almost entirely by little girls who police the streets.
by Nagashidzuri November 03, 2009
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Noun. A form of power structure in which power somehow rests with a small number of people whose stupidity and ineptitude are the object of much amusement but who somehow remain in power despite all their outrageous blunders.
“Trump’s America is a loligarchy.”

“Look out! Here come the loligarchs!” (As Ivanka and Don jr. enter the room.)
by Omegablink June 12, 2018
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A portmanteau of lol and oligarchy, similar to lollerskates and lolocaust in its usage and derivation.
Bob and his friends came into the chatroom and quickly instituted a loligarchy.
by Sidwood June 02, 2005
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(Noun) Government by a small group of trolls. A regime more concerned with pwning and enraging its opponents than putting forth its own coherent policy agenda.
“Only a LOLigarchy would rip up the postwar international order just to pwn the libs.”
“He doesn’t know what he wants other than to undo everything Obama did, what a LOLigarchy”
by ToastyDefs June 12, 2018
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