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An extremely complicated language that is often mistaken for textspeak. It is mainly used for Kitteh pictures, but people don't realize that there's a huge organization running lolspeak. There is even a bible translation project going on where they will translate the entire bible into lolspeak. Ceiling Cat is the god behind this language. It's not as easy as you think, trust me.
Ceiling Cat blessinz apwn yu, srsly.
Ceiling Cat blessings apawn you, seriously.

Dat wood bee awsoem, srsly dued!
That would be awesome, seriously dude!

eyc cowld leminaed foar sael!
ice cold lemonade for sale!

eksampelz pwn yu, srsly.
examples pwn you, seriously.

lolspeak iz difehcualt too lern, an yu noe itt.
lolspeak is difficult to learn, and you know it.
by BoredDude2 April 25, 2010
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Used on websites such as "I can has cheeze burger" and "i has a hot dog", LOL speak is commonly used to caption (or "capshun" in LOL speak) adorable pictures of cute and fuzzy animals.
"I need to capshun this photo so I can send it into a blog"
"Well, don't forget to use LOL speak!"

"I can has cheeze burger?"
by whaturinto April 30, 2008
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Any form of typed text language that is not in propper english, usually in referance to cute cat pictures

1.) -I can haz cheezburgr?
- Dude, stop speakig in lolspeak, just say "can I have a cheesburger?"

2.) iz in yer compooter, eatin yer megabitz
by GilfOG March 08, 2008
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Similar to texting, lolspeak is writing words with different letters (but sound the same) than the original spelling. lolspeak can also be misspelling on purpose.
examples of lolspeak:

dunno what happnd, we dint touch it
(Don't know what happened, we didn't touch it)

i can has ice scream?
(I can have ice cream?)

teh itteh bitteh kitteh commiteh
(The itty bitty kitten committee)
by Eddy 2008 March 08, 2008
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An annoying, but yet sarcastic origination of a style of text that now has evolved widespread over the Internet. It is usually used with Kitten/Cat pictures, as well as other animals, with text captions in this style of writing.

The style became popular with people who often couldn't spell words properly, and now has turned into a "cool" method of social communication between humans. It has now lost it's true meaning of pure sarcasm and people actually talk in this as if it's "cool". It is a pure usage of letters and manipulation of words to how it sounds when spoken through "speech". Today it is used on purpose and for those who are aware of its original intention, it is NOT cool, in fact it's ridiculous.
Joe: but u sez tha kitteh waz awsum
Mike: yez but mai kitteh haz mowmix fankthuly
Joe: i iz spekin teh lolspeak
by Sir Henry III April 30, 2008
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The official language of the lol cats, aka lawlcatz.Teh laguage was discovered when cats beggan attempting to speak the english language, to let their masters know what they desire, or to state events, they made possible.
The oldest demand of a speaking cat is recorded and used in lolcat pictures quite often, showing a hungry-looking cat saying "can i haz cheezburgr?"
LOL speak example

uneducated cat:
"Excuse me, good sir.Can I borrow your lolspeak dictionary?"
lawl kat:"Eye donznt now wat u iz tolkin ot meh.pleez taek mah lolz peak dikshonari!!1one!!"
by Shop the whop March 29, 2009
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a variant of the english language featuring acronyms usually only encountered in text messages and electronic mail correspondences
-OMG WTF is his problem?
-excuse me?
-oh sry just using lolspeak
by Bum Stigity Bum November 07, 2010
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