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A variation of the word nub. Used as a more insultive way then its parent Nub.
Guy 1: wtf you wallhacker!
Guy 2: stfu nubber
by Sir Henry III December 22, 2004
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An annoying, but yet sarcastic origination of a style of text that now has evolved widespread over the Internet. It is usually used with Kitten/Cat pictures, as well as other animals, with text captions in this style of writing.

The style became popular with people who often couldn't spell words properly, and now has turned into a "cool" method of social communication between humans. It has now lost it's true meaning of pure sarcasm and people actually talk in this as if it's "cool". It is a pure usage of letters and manipulation of words to how it sounds when spoken through "speech". Today it is used on purpose and for those who are aware of its original intention, it is NOT cool, in fact it's ridiculous.
Joe: but u sez tha kitteh waz awsum
Mike: yez but mai kitteh haz mowmix fankthuly
Joe: i iz spekin teh lolspeak
by Sir Henry III April 30, 2008
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When someone is surprised, they will say this. It is used by mostly teens who have lack of grasping of maturity, much like the word emo. You will rarely hear, nor see this used by an adult, due to the fact this is a word for kids.
Person 1: "hey noob"
Person 2: "wtfbbq!!!!!"
by Sir Henry III October 21, 2006
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Short for the Act 3 boss Mephisto, from Diablo II.
Game name: "A3 kill meph"
"I'm doing meph runs atm trying to mf dude"
by Sir Henry III May 6, 2008
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