The act of one standing around, with no purpose, what-so-ever. While having intercourse between their butt-hole and their thumb.
(Man standing around with his thumb up his ass)


Man: Screw you! (RUNS)
by EvanANDJared June 14, 2011
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while engaging in sexual intercourse, to leave ones penis inside the female's vagina after ejaculation.
Friend 1: I loitered your mom last night
Friend 2: Thats awesome
by Shawn(JEW) April 12, 2008
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What you are doing if you are sitting in a parking lot, usually at a 7-11 waiting for a girl that you havent seen forever to pass by.
We were loitering at 7-11 for no good reason
by Steven April 15, 2005
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What punks, creeps, Ace Boon Coons, and Pachuco boys can be found doing outside pool halls, liquor stores, and 7-Eleven stores. Loitering involves standing somewhat still, posing like a tough guy, spitting on the sidewalk, and (if you're an Ace Boon Coon) occasionally shouting "Sheee-IT!" or "MO FO!"

Proprietors of businesses post signs that say "NO LOITERING." These signs can be found at better pool halls, liquor stores, and 7-Elevens in all major cities. They do this because if anything is bad for business, it's a slime ball punk or nose-picking creep or a greasy haired Pachuco or a shit-ass Blood or fat slob Crip standing outside your establishment.
Hector collects lucrative entitlements from the liberals because one of his ancestors was a conquistador. With no work to go to, he spends his afternoons loitering outside Mack's Liquor Store.
by Cap'n Bullmoose September 27, 2007
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A loiterer is a person with an interest in, a fondness for, or obsession with bus shelters. A bus shelter fancier, so to speak.

Loiterers come in all shapes and sizes, and some have particular fetishes. Among these sub-species can be found the micturater, the frotter and the vandal.
Did you see that loiterer photographing the amazing Soviet bus shelter just now?
by dormousemalone August 25, 2016
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Another way of saying later (bye)
Jill: alright im going to leave
Bill:alright, LOITER
by Kancheytas June 22, 2009
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