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A group of homosexual Americans:
1. who seek to advance the rights of gays in the USA by becoming members of and working for the victory of a political party devoted in large measure to ending all rights for homosexual Americans;
2. devoted to self-destructive irony.
"Hello! I'm Milt, and I'm here for the Republican Victory Party!"
"Great Milt! Welcome! I've got you registered right here! What GOP group was that again?"
"Log Cabin Republicans!"
"Fantastic, Milt! Why don't you go with those two officers there and they'll escort you off the premises! By the way, if you have natural, adopted or foster kids, please write down their names on this card so that Social Services can take them."
"Milt, it's not my damned fault if you're too stupid to read the policy papers and legislation. NEXT!"
by seeker6079 February 23, 2006
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A confused, prideless group of homosexual men and women who, ironically, support homophobia by voting for homophobic republican candidates. Log cabin republicans claim to be changing attitudes toward homosexuals withing the republican party, but in reality, if they really want to help, they should simply change their red to blue.
Log cabin republican(LCR):Vote republican! Forget the fact that we really arn't doing anything to end homophobia or advance gay rights...those are low priority agendas.
by Americanto April 01, 2005
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Gay republican, doesn't make much sense.
Queeny Fag 1: omg I heard that Adam is a Republican!?

Queeny Fag 2: yep, he's a log cabin republican now.
by rzs April 11, 2006
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A branch of the Republican Party for gays. (I don't know what they are thinking)
California is having a fund raiser sponsored by the Log Cabin Rpublicans.
by Dennis James Perry August 18, 2003
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A gay person who supports a political party that despises his very existence and wants him dead because of his sexual orientation. The modern equivalent of "Jews for Hitler".
After voting for Romney, the Log Cabin Republican one day found himself wondering where he was and why he was being marched into a shower room.
by rtv0587 June 21, 2012
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A gay republican. It refers to Abraham Lincoln - a Republican president whose sexuality has long been debated. Abraham Lincoln was born in a log cabin. Hence, Log Cabin Republican.
Person One: Rzs must be a queeny fag.
Person Two: Really? Isn't he a republican?
Person One: Yea, a log cabin republican. Just like Larry Craig.
Person Two: So, is he also a self-hating bigot?
Person One: Honey, all log cabin republicans are.
by Splurge24 August 19, 2008
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