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LCR- Lost Cultural Reference

A Lost Cultural Reference occurs when one refers to some element of a certain culture (or part thereof) during conversation, and the listener/s do not understand said reference.
Brad- "Hey Ingrid, did you see that bloke get punched in the mouth at the bar?! UNITY!!!!"

Ingrid- "Yeah, but what the hell is UNITY?"

Brad- "Oh it's from one of the Rick James epidsodes on Chapelle's Show."

Ingrid- "Oh OK, I've never seen that show..."

Brad- "Don't worry about it then, it's an LCR"
by K9Guy July 01, 2009
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A lcr is a : ‘’ lame convo response ‘’

It basically means if you say one of the following you don’t care at all about the aim conversation you are having with some one.

I see
That’s nice
Well then
Umm ok
You do that
You don’t say
Will do

… so on

Some one who uses an lcr, they are defend as : lame annoying epic fail waste of your life. Lcr's are nicer then being ignored. But if your doing something else at the moment just say brb or something other than wasting the other persons time with lame responses
Person343: hey what’s up
Epicfail: hey nm u?
Person343: nothing much, my grandpa just died
Epicfail: mmhmm
Person343: yeah.. he was like 99
Epicfail: i see
Person343:I got a new dog
Epicfail: k
Person343: becky got prego
Epicfail: that’s nice
Person343: k well as fun as it is to talk to you, I need to go put my hand in a blinder
Epicfail: you do that
Person343: go fucking kill your self
Epicfail: funn

See how irritating that is? way to many lcr's
by lampshades July 26, 2008
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Log Cabin Republican(s) - gay people who support a political party that has no time for or interest toward them, and which contains many people who actively dislike them simply because of their sexual orientation. Such support prioritizes issues such as "limited government" over the gay person's own ability to exist and to have a normal life.
Personal listing: "Looking for dreamy eyes, professional-type, athletic physique, no LCRs"
by allthecats July 15, 2018
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