lockdown comes from the prisons, but is also used instead of 'grounded'
by Rastafari July 30, 2004
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Turning off all commuinication with the outside world (cell phones, phones, tv, computer, not answering door, having the dog(s)/cat(s)/kid(s) stay at the dogsitters/babysitters - to have mind-blowing, mind-altered sex.

Self-inflicted isolation for the purpose of re-booting the soul.

"What happens in lockdown, stays in lockdown."
by Abella Sorella February 22, 2009
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Lockdown, or Lockdown Mode, is when a public school building is literally locked down so that the Police, as well as the Great Drug-Sniffing Dogs, can search - without a warrant - lockers for drugs and other Contraband Items. And before you ask, yes it is constitutional. I am so sorry.
1. During the annual lockdown mode, we must turn off all the lights in the classroom and not move a muscle; if we are seen in the hallways we are automatically a suspect.

2. Many students question whether this Torture violates the fourth amendment - as there is search and seizure going on without a Warrant - but I'm afraid that you lose many constitutional rights when we go into our schools.
by aleclair March 04, 2006
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a brotha or sista who significent other defines his or her where abouts; who controls their partners social activities.
Yo check it!, sista got Tyrese on mad lock down again this weekend, brotha won't be able to hang.
by Steve June 21, 2003
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Lockdown is a fierce cybertronian that isn’t an autobot, nor a decepticon. He is a hunter with his own crew and was trying to capture Optimus prime and to bring him to his creators. Lockdown was sliced in half by Optimus Prime in AoE.
Lockdown: “This is my fight!”
Lockdown: “And you’re all going to die
by Mightshutdown March 13, 2020
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The word 'lock down' in basketball is used when someone cant get past someone else without getting the ball tapped
Michael Jordan - Hey scott, why cant rich ever beat u
scott - cos i got him on 'lock down'
rich - i wish i could get the ball past scott, he is so good
by richard wilson-speakmon April 01, 2007
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