Someone releasing a fat shit in your mouth while you are asleep.
Guy:1 Holy shit dude someone Loafed in your mouth!
Guy:2 *Mouth full of shit gurgle squish noises*
by BigCoke January 26, 2020
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The feeling of being in the euphoria of taking any prescription drug like anti-depressants, anxiety medications, muscle relaxers, opiates or acetametophines while lounging around lifeless but straight as vuck chillin hard
"im so loafed right now my dude, those white 2mg sticks are whats god"
by Fence Patrick November 2, 2011
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to chill. to hang out
1. I was going to study tonight but there are too many distractions, so I decided to loaf.
2. My favorite place to loaf is at the corsa park.
by fujofan September 19, 2010
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To laze around your house or place of residence, and to not have a care in the world.
"Loafing does the body good"
by Slackers April 5, 2003
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can't beat a bit of the Loaf on a late-night drive home
by TomD4Eva April 30, 2008
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1) verb: To loaf
2) To do things in a manner that shows disinterest or a simple lack of composure
3) The manner in which things get done while the person doing the action is stoned as shit.
"Jeff hand me a napkin"
*Jeff picks up wad of napkins, drops them all onto the floor, hands person napkin but fails to pick up all the rest of the scattered napkins.
"Jeff quiz loafing"
by icepick008 April 26, 2015
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Someone who knowingly takes too long to do something.
"Wow Rob, hurry up you loaf"
by Clearly Me September 24, 2009
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