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A hackergroup that focuses on data and ddos.

Most likely to be found on skype but have also gone to other platforms.
They are seen with #Ronsquad in their names.
Guy 1: I keep getting ddosed I hate it.
Guy 2: I told you not to mess with ronsquad
by BigCoke October 13, 2019

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Someone releasing a fat shit in your mouth while you are asleep.
Guy:1 Holy shit dude someone Loafed in your mouth!
Guy:2 *Mouth full of shit gurgle squish noises*
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by BigCoke January 26, 2020

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Slang for Allah (Fake God)
Guy1: You know what's funnier than 24 ?
Guy2: What?
Guy1: 25!!
Both: *Extreme Laughter*
by BigCoke October 31, 2020

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